K‐8 Programs

Primary /Secondary Programs (K-8) offer interesting and innovative workshops connecting exhibitions and library resources to classroom curriculum for grades K-12. Teachers are invited to schedule their classes to participate in the following types of programs:

Self-Guided Visits allow you and your class to visit NHM on your own. Activity Guides are available upon request.

Meet Me at the Museum Programs are designed for early elementary students.

Discovering History and Primary Source Workshops are available for students in grades 3 – 12.

Programs on the New Haven Green are available in the spring for grades 3 – 12.

Programs in Your Classroom bring NHM staff to your school.

All programs are taught by trained museum staff. Workshops are designed for classes of up to 30 students. One adult per ten students is required.

All programs require advance registration. Please see Scheduling Programs for more information.

The programs listed below are available at NHM, Tuesdays – Fridays, throughout the school year. Advance reservations are required. All programs are created to connect with Connecticut curriculum standards and  all content is designed for specific grade levels.


Meet Me at the Museum Grades K-2

Meet Me at the Museum programs include interactive gallery explorations and hands-on learning activities specifically created for early elementary students. “Meet” the people and learn about the places and events of historic New Haven. Workshops are designed for individual classes. One adult per 10 students is required. Each program is 60 minutes in length.

  • Growing Up in the 1700s
    What did New Haven look like? What did people wear? What did children do for fun? Students discover the answers in the galleries and try their hands at some colonial activities.
  • Sailors, Ships & Sea Captains
    Imagine going to sea on a sailing ship. What would you bring? What would your life be like? “Meet” some New Haven sea captains and their ships and discover what every sailor needs on a long voyage.


Discovering History Programs Grades 3 – 7

Discovering History Programs are interactive workshops for grades 3-7. Each program combines experiences in our museum galleries with hands-on activities that reinforce the topics being discussed. All programs are taught by trained museum staff. Workshops are designed for individual classes of up to 30 students. One adult per 10 students is required. Workshops are 90 minutes in length.

  • New Haven ’s First Settlers Grades 3 & 4
    Who were the first settlers of New Haven? Why did they come here? What was life like in early New Haven? Students investigate objects, study maps and explore galleries to piece together the past.
  • New Haven & the Sea, 1790-1812 Grades 4 & 5
    After the American Revolution, New Haven sea captains sailed to ports around the globe. Students use maps, hands-on objects, artifacts in the gallery and primary documents to discover New Haven’s role in the maritime trades.
  • Colonial New Haven: Choices and Changes in a Growing Community Grades 5 & 6
    What did New Haven look like in the 1700s? Who lived here and what were their occupations? Using maps, artifacts, and primary documents, students discover the people, places and activities that were part of life in colonial New Haven.
  • New Haven During the Revolution Grades 5 &  6                                                   Students get a rare opportunity to explore the role that New Haven played in the Revolution. Hear the story of America’s most famous traitor, learn about the attack on New Haven by the British in 1779, and peer into the lives of ordinary people and see why they chose either the Patriot or the Loyalist cause.
  • Voyage from Slavery to Freedom: The Story of the Amistad Grades 5-7
    Who were the people on the Amistad? Why did they come to New Haven? These questions and other aspects of the Amistad case come alive as students explore the gallery and debate the issues of the New Haven District Court case.


Primary Source Workshops Grades 7 – 12

Primary Source Workshops teach students in grades 7-12 how to use primary sources and material culture to study the past. Students gain research skills as they uncover details of daily life and discuss the issues faced by New Haveners in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Workshops are 90 minutes in length.

  • Past Acquaintances
    Research men and women from New Haven’s past. Choose to focus on a specific time period or study change over time by exploring the lives of New Haven residents from three centuries. Students use letters, diaries, town records and other documents as well as historic artifacts to learn about these diverse individuals .
  • The Amistad Incident & African American History in New Haven
    The Amistad Incident reflects the many issues facing free and enslaved African Americans in the early 1800s. Using historic artifacts and newspapers, students will explore Amistad and other events both local and national to increase their understanding of the era.
  • Industry and Commerce in New Haven
    New Haven ’s history is filled with examples of successful industries and corporations. Students use a variety of business records to explore examples of this rich heritage and discover what kinds of companies developed here and what happened to some of them.

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