Press Releases

8/12/22: Pollinator Pathways Founder Donna Merrill at Pardee-Morris House 

8/11/22: Reveries of a Landscape Designer: Donald Grant Mitchell and the Path to the New Haven Park System

7/1/22: Free Admission this Summer at New Haven Museum Thanks to Grant from CT Humanities

6/23/22: Archeology Findings Presentation at Pardee-Morris House 

6/17/22: Yoga on the Lawn at PMH

6/16/22: New Haven Museum to Receive Transformative Gift Through The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

5/19/22: PMH Summer Season Opens June 5 With 5th CT Rgt. & ‘A Wolf Named Elvis’

5/6/22: A River Speaks Documentary at the Pardee-Morris House

5/5/22: Twilight Concert Series at Pardee-Morris House Begins June 29

5/5/22: Lives of Enslaved Honored on Juneteenth at Pardee-Morris House

4/28/22: Culinary Herbs Workshop at the Pardee-Morris House

4/28/22: Tai Chi on the Pardee-Morris House Lawn

4/1/22: The Quantum Revolution: Handcrafted in New Haven New Exhibit to Open at New Haven Museum

3/31/22: The Suburb Within: Donald Grant Mitchell, Edgewood, and the Greening of New Haven

2/21/22: The Ingenuity of Two Early Connecticut Women Artists Lecture at New Haven Museum

1/28/22: New Wishing Tree & Tiger Animation Programming for Lunarfest at New Haven Museum 

1/25/22: Celebrating Connecticut’s Coastline and Waterways at New Haven Museum

1/7/22: MLK Celebration at New Haven Museum 

12/17/21: The Reign of Black Governors in Connecticut at New Haven Museum

12/16/21: Celebrating Heirloom Recipes at New Haven Museum 

11/26/21: Children of the Elm City Exhibit Opens at New Haven Museum

10/25/21: Tiny Treasure Trove: Virtual Tour of Levy Dolls’ House at New Haven Museum

10/6/21: Secrets of Bones from New Haven Green to be Divulged at New Haven Museum 

9/30/21: Strange Times: Photos Capture COVID-Era City at the New Haven Museum

9/6/21: The Sacrifices Made in Benedict Arnold’s March to Quebec: Lecture at the New Haven Museum

8/31/21: Connecticut’s Beloved Broadcaster Bob Steele to be Celebrated at NHM

7/27/21: History Mysteries with Nick Bellantoni at PMH

7/19/21: Yoga on the Pardee-Morris House Lawn

7/12/21: Chickadee Tales: An Anthology of the New Haven Bird Club at the Pardee-Morris House

7/2/21: Tai Chi on the Pardee-Morris House Lawn

7/2/21: Connecticut Militia: The Defense of New Haven at the Pardee-Morris House

6/3/21: Cottagecore and Culinary Herbs Workshop at the Pardee-Morris House

6/3/21: Hula-Hoop Fitness on the Pardee-Morris House Lawn

5/27/21: Joan Joyce Appearance at the Pardee-Morris House

5/18/21: Digging into the History (and Future) of Garbage at The Pardee-Morris House

5/18/21: Witness Stones Memorials Will Recall Lives of Enslaved Individuals in New Haven

5/18/21: Twilight Concert Series at Pardee-Morris House Begins June 23

5/10/21: Inspiration from a Local Sensation: Entrepreneurs as Living Black History with Alisa Bowens-Mercado

5/6/21: Dawnland Voices: Indigenous Writers of CT Panel Discussion to be Hosted by New Haven Museum and International Festival of Arts & Ideas

4/9/21: Saving America’s Cities: Ed Logue, New Haven and Beyond

3/16/21: Why You Should Care About Roger Sherman’s 300th Birthday

3/11/21: Revolutionary New Haven at NHM

3/8/21: Telling Your Family’s Story: A Beginner’s Workshop 

2/26/21: Explore New Haven’s Extraordinary Traprock Landscape Virtually with NHM

1/28/21An Unflinching Account of Yale’s First Female Undergrads

1/21/21: Little-Known Stories of Revolutionary Inventors 

1/20/21: Dear Mary, Dear Luther: A Love Story in Letters 

1/11/21: MLK Celebration Goes Virtual

1/8/21: New Haven Museum Receives 2nd COVID-19 Grant from Connecticut Humanities

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