Alphabetical Index of Manuscript Collections

A.W. Flint Ladder Company   MSS 239
Accounting Book, Journal, and Ledger Miscellany   MSS 83
Additions to White Collection   MSS 62E
Advertisement Cards, Letterheads, Receipts, and Miscellany   MSS 65
Afro-American Collection   MSS 119
Agricultural Societies     MSS 86
Alderman Furniture Store and Bullard Furniture Store   MSS 281
Alderman, Nancy O.   MSS 287
American Independent Movement   MSS 308
Amistad Committee, Inc.   MSS 262
Arnold, Benedict   MSS 106
Baker, Christina (Hopkinson)   MSS 103
Baldwin Family   MSS 63
Ball, Eric Thompson   MSS 122
Barber, John Warner   MSS 107
Bassett (John E.) & Company, New Haven, CT   MSS B10
Beach, William   MSS 264
Beckwith, George   MSS 49
Beers, Nathan   MSS 32
Bennett, Lyon & Related Families   MSS 311
Berger Brothers Company   MSS B86
Biagio DiLieto Papers   MSS 316
Bigelow Company   MSS 54
Blackman Family Collection   MSS 326
Blake, Henry Taylor   MSS 24
Blake-Mix Family   MSS B38
Blount, Etta McIntosh (b. 1890)   MSS 284
Boardman Family   MSS 60
Bowles, Lydia Newcomb   MSS 17A
Bradley Family     MSS B57
Bradley, Bostwick and Related Families   MSS 303
Britton, Bertha Madeline Perkins   MSS B40
C. Cowles & Company   MSS B59
Calvary Industrial Home   MSS B12
Canal Photographs   MSS 57I
Candee, Leverett   MSS 73
Carmalt, Ethel   MSS 31
Carriages and Early Automobiles Collection   MSS 245
Cassagneres, Everett   MSS 253
Catherine G. Roraback Papers   MSS 308
Celentano, William C.   MSS B7
Charitable Organizations     MSS 87
Chittenden Family   MSS B33
Citizens Park Council of Greater New Haven   MSS 243
Civil Defense Collection   MSS B20
Civil War Collection   MSS 77
Cleaveland, Livingston Warner   MSS B13
Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic   MSS 121
Cogswell, Ruth McIntosh   MSS 110
Cohen and Powell Collection   MSS 342
Community Progress Inc., Youth Development Program   MSS B61
Compton, Tamara L.     MSS 272
Congregation Mishkan Israel   MSS B54
Connecticut Department of State Agencies and Institutions, Widow’s Aid Division   MSS 28a
Connecticut History Miscellany, A-Z   MSS 138
Connecticut League of Historical Organizations   MSS 240
Connecticut Superior Court   MSS 3
Connecticut Vital Records   MSS 52
Connecticut Vital Statistics   MSS B24
Cooke, Benjamin Augustus   MSS B47
Cooperative Consumers of New Haven, Inc.   MSS 254
Cosenza, Anthony V. (1914-1998)   MSS 296
Cultural and Social Organizations     MSS 88
Daggett Family   MSS 66
Dana, Arnold Guyot    MSS 1
Daniel Read   MSS 27
Dann Brothers and Company   MSS B14
Daughters of ’53 (Ahavas Achus)   MSS 19
Daughters of the American Revolution, Connecticut. Mary Clap Wooster Chapter     MSS 95
Deforest Family   MSS 85
Dellfant, Max (1865-1944) and Ross, Alfred   MSS 276
Dissenters Club  MSS 304
Dickerman, Horace William (1866-1945)   MSS B68
Dixwell, John   MSS 8
Documenting the Covid-19 Pandemic in New Haven   MSS 341
Durrie & Peck   MSS 15
Durrie, George Henry   MSS 16
East Rock Neighborhood Association Records   MSS 310
Easter Seal Goodwill Industries, Rehabilitation Center   MSS B41
Edgewood Civic Association   MSS 47
Elizabeth Mills Brown Collection of New Haven Building Photographs, 1976   MSS 315
English Family   MSS 133
English Speaking Union, New Haven and Southern Connecticut Branch   MSS 294
Fair Haven and Westville Railroad Company   MSS B18B
Fairmont Association   MSS 94
Family Miscellany, A-Z   MSS B51
Farmington Canal   MSS 57A
Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association   MSS 279
Federal Art Project   MSS 145
Ferree Family   MSS B65
Ferry Point Wharf, Long Wharf, and Union Wharf    MSS 57B
First Bank     MSS B60
Foote, Andrew Hull   MSS 98
Ford (George Hare) Company   MSS B11
Ford, Stephen Baldwin   MSS 61
Fortnightly Club   MSS 30
Foskett & Bishop Company   MSS B21
Foundation for the New Haven Green, Inc.   MSS 249
Fuller, Hattie Pierpont   MSS 50
G&O Manufacturing Company Records   MSS 317
Garden Club of New Haven   MSS 143
Gertel, Elliot B. (1954-)    MSS B79
Gilson, John L.   MSS B4
Goffe Street Special School, Inc.   MSS 278
Gold Family   MSS B52
Greater New Haven Business and Professional Women’s Club   MSS 299
Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce   MSS 34
Greater New Haven Memorial Society   MSS B39
Greater New Haven Peace Council   MSS 307
Greater New Haven Transportation Citizen Action Group   MSS 302
Gregson, Robert John (1947- )   MSS B55
Harry Berman   MSS 334
Havens, Daniel William   MSS 81
Heaton, Abraham and John, Jr.   MSS 57E
Heinz, Bernard   MSS 257
Henry G. Thompson Co.   MSS 258
Hewit, Nathaniel   MSS 147
Hewitt, Harrison (1877-1938)   MSS 298
High Standard Manufacturing Company Photographs, 1940-1945   MSS 319
Hill Family   MSS 104
Hillhouse Family   MSS 117
Hillhouse High School MSS-B16
Hine, Antoinette   MSS 242
Historic American Buildings Survey   MSS 41
Historic Wooster Square Association Records   MSS 343
Hook Family   MSS B36
Hooker Family   MSS 141
Hotchkiss Family   MSS 64
Howe, Hezekiah   MSS 42
Humiston, Wallace Dwight   MSS 6
Humphreys, David   MSS 112
Hunt, Frederic Thornton (1846-1923)   MSS B50A
Hurlburt, Samuel W.   MSS 285
Ingersoll Family   MSS 68
Inquisitors’ Club   MSS 38
Ives Family   MSS 283
Jacobus, Donald Lines   MSS 101
Jennie Cramer Murder Miscellany   MSS 292
Jerome, Jennie Gilbert   MSS 130
Joel Schiavone Collection   MSS 347
John Henry McAdams Papers   MSS 337
John Slade Ely House   MSS 328
Johnson Family   MSS 126
Johnson/ Hagstrom Family   MSS B75
Jones Family   MSS B31
Joseph Parker & Son Company   MSS 45
Keller, Charles Henry   MSS B23
Kelly, J. Frederick   MSS 270
Kimball, Leo Barnum (1896-1977)   MSS 288
Knights of Jerusalem Society   MSS 14
Kone, Estelle Alpert   MSS 293
Lambert Family   MSS B69
Lampson Lumber Company   MSS 136
Law, Samuel Andrew   MSS 35
League of Women Voters of New Haven   MSS B80
Leffingwell Family   MSS 25
Leila Day Nursery   MSS 137
Lewis Family   MSS B71
Lewis Osterweis & Sons    MSS B53
Lincoln Oak Time Capsules   MSS 325
Lines, Augustus Ezra   MSS 134B
Literary Box   MSS B50
Little Theater Guild of New Haven   MSS 55
Lounsbury Family   MSS 124
Lowell House Mother’s Club   MSS 33
Ludwig, Allan I.   MSS 43
Lum, Harpin   MSS 82
Lynch, Bernard   MSS B18A
MacPherson, Vera Bartholomew (1899-1985)   MSS B78
Main, Elias T.   MSS 123
Maltby, George Williams (1820-1901)   MSS B58
Margaret Crossette Fisher Letters, 1918-1920   MSS 320
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Boxes
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Ships
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Captains
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Ports
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Cargo
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Names and Places
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Miscellaneous
Maritime Collection MSS 22   Journals
Marvin Family   MSS 131
Mary Wade Home   MSS 250
McCrillis, John Orvis Campbell (1914-2017)   MSS B63
McLagon Foundry Company   MSS B09
Mermin, Alvin A. and (New Haven Housing Authority/Redevelopment Agency)   MSS 79
Miner, Read & Tullock   MSS B49
Miscellaneous Connecticut Centennial Celebrations   MSS B02
Mitchell, Donald Grant   MSS 140
Mitchell, Mary Hewitt   MSS 48
Mix-Munson Family     MSS 252
Monarch Laundry   MSS B42
Moore, Joseph Burns (1872-1951)   MSS B66
Morris Family   MSS 18
Morse-Corbin Family   MSS 127
Morton J. Loeb Dental Clinic   MSS 234
National and Local Historic Figures, A-Z    MSS 125
Neighborhood Music School   MSS 78
Nettleton Family   MSS 132
Nettleton, Oliver (1787-1864)   MSS 238
New Haven 350 Cultural and Historical Association   MSS 235
New Haven and Area Church Records   MSS 115
New Haven Architects   MSS 266
New Haven Bank Notes and Stock Certificates   MSS 323
New Haven Banks and Insurance Companies     MSS 76
New Haven Bicentennial Commission   MSS B15
New Haven Bird Club Records   MSS 345
New Haven Board of Education   MSS B26
New Haven Boys’ and Girls’ Club Collection   MSS 344
New Haven Building and Loan Association   MSS 291
New Haven Business and Civic Organizations, A-Z   MSS B56
New Haven Chapter, American Institute of Banking, Records, 1915-1973    MSS 314
New Haven Christian Endeavor Union   MSS 330
New Haven Citizens Committee for Council-Manager Charter   MSS 113
New Haven City and County     MSS 28
New Haven City and County     MSS 28, Supplement
New Haven City and County     MSS 28, Supplement 2
New Haven City and County     MSS 28B
New Haven City and County     MSS 28C
New Haven City and County     MSS 28D
New Haven City and County     MSS 28E
New Haven City Burial Ground (Grove Street Cemetery)   MSS 74
New Haven Clearing House   MSS 277
New Haven Clock Company   MSS 4
New Haven Colony, National Society of New England Women   MSS 260
New Haven Contract Bridge Club   MSS 290
New Haven Council of Churches   MSS B17
New Haven Downtown Council   MSS B37-1 through Box 10 MSS B37-2 Boxes 11 through 21 MSS B37-3 Box 22 to end
New Haven Downtown Council   MSS 237
New Haven Fire Department   MSS 75
New Haven Harbor Collection   MSS 57
New Haven Harbor Photographs   MSS 57G
New Haven Headstone Inscriptions (Charles R. Hale Collection)   MSS 23
New Haven Hotels     MSS B22
New Haven Insurance Company   MSS 20-1 through Box IV MSS 20-2 Box V to end
New Haven Japan and Varnish Company   MSS 268
New Haven Military Collection   MSS 80
New Haven Music Collection   MSS 99
New Haven Peace Commission   MSS 321
New Haven Political Miscellany   MSS 116
New Haven Preservation Trust   MSS 148
New Haven Printers and Engravers, A-Z   MSS 134
New Haven Probate Court   MSS 265
New Haven Progress Exposition and Tracy, John Clayton   MSS B01
New Haven Railroad YMCA   MSS B18C
New Haven Savings Bank   MSS 331
New Haven Schools   MSS 17
New Haven Shipping Photographs   MSS 57H
New Haven Skating Club   MSS B74
New Haven Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument Committee   MSS 51
New Haven Study Club   MSS 39
New Haven Symphony Orchestra   MSS 100
New Haven Taxpayers’ Research Council   MSS 142
New Haven Tercentenary   MSS B03
New Haven Towing Company   MSS 37
New Haven Water Company   MSS B19
New Haven Woman’s Club    MSS 286
New Haven Women’s Philatelic Society   MSS B67
New Haven Yacht Club   MSS 259
New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company   MSS B18
North End Club   MSS 44
Old Milford Families   MSS 96
Orr, Douglas William   MSS 128
Osborne Atwater Day   MSS 333
Osborne Family   MSS 92
Osborne, Shadrach (1747-1838)   MSS 93
Osterweis, Rollin Gustav   MSS B30
Our Society   MSS 111
Paine, Richard   MSS 134C
Painter/Collins Family   MSS 120
Palaski, Stanley Joseph   MSS B43
Pardee Family   MSS 59
Pardee, William Scranton   MSS 59A
Permanent Fund of the New Haven Orphan Asylum   MSS 261
Phi Sigma Psi Society   MSS B44
Phoenix Collective Records   MSS 335
Pierson, Mary Laetitia Verdery (1915-1982)   MSS B70
Pitkin/Hayden Family   MSS B77
Planned Parenthood of Connecticut    MSS B62
Poli Family Scrapbook   MSS 305
Porter-Todd Family   MSS 301
Post, George H.     MSS B34
Protect Hamden/North Haven   MSS 280
Punderson Family   MSS 135
R.G. Davis and Son   MSS 241
Ray, Nathaniel Chapin   MSS 5
Read, Ezra C.   MSS 40
Redfield Family   MSS 109
Religious Organizations     MSS 84
Richard C. Lee Miscellany   MSS 338
Richard Hegel   MSS 322
Richard Ruggles Papers   MSS 313
Richards Family   MSS 26
Robert W. Leavenworth Papers   MSS 329 
Rogers, Eli F. (1811-1899)   MSS B76
Rogers, Samuel   MSS 256
Rogers, Theodore D.   MSS 102
Rose Family   MSS 56
Rose, Davis S.   MSS 255
Rowell, George Berkeley     MSS 29
Rowland, George   MSS 57D
Sage, Henry Pinney (1865-1944)   MSS 89
Salisbury, Professor and Mrs. Edward Elbridge (1814-1901)   MSS 289
Sargent Family   MSS 70
Saturday Morning Club   MSS B82
Saunders, Frederick (b.1853)   MSS B72
Science Park Collection   MSS 340
Scranton, George H.   MSS B5
Scranton, Helen (Douglas) Love   MSS B32
Scranton, William Dowd   MSS 263
Scrapbook Collection   MSS B27
Sedgwick Family   MSS B46
Seymour, George Dudley   MSS 144
Sharpe, William Carvasso   MSS 267
Sheridan, Marion Campbell (1893-1979)   MSS B45-1 MSS B45-2 Boxes 34 through 61 MSS B45-3 Boxes 62 to end
Sherman Family   MSS 108
Shumway, Floyd Mallory (1917-1997)    MSS B83
Sinott, Edmund Ware   MSS B28
Smyth, Ralph Dunning (1804-1874)   MSS 90
Social Science Club of New Haven   MSS 318
Special Olympics World Games, Connecticut, 1995   MSS 332
Sperry Family   MSS B35
St. Ambrose Music Club   MSS B64
Staples, Seth P., Samuel J. Hitchcock, and Leonard E. Wales   MSS 62B
Stiles, Ezra   MSS 7
Stirling School   MSS B25
Strouse Adler Company   MSS 273
Sumner-Rockwell Family   MSS 97
Sweet, Henry Gordon   MSS 57F
Taintor & Related Families Papers   MSS 312
Talcott, Alvan (1804-1891)   MSS 91
Taylor Family   MSS 251
The Thomas Munson Foundation   MSS 297
Thomas Phillips Monument Company  MSS 246
Thompson Family     MSS 282
Thursday Club of New Haven     MSS 10
Tilson, John Q.   MSS 274
Todd Family   MSS 269
Town, Ithiel   MSS 105
Townshend Family   MSS 114
Tracy, John Clayton   MSS B08
Trinity Church on the Green     MSS B85
Trowbridge Family   MSS 69
Trustees of  Center Church Home   MSS B84
Turnpike Companies   MSS 36
Tuttle, Morehouse, & Taylor Company   MSS 134A
Twining, Alexander Catlin   MSS 2 front and subject index
Ukrainian National Association, “Lubov.” Branch 370, New Haven  MSS 72
Ukrainian National Woman’s League of America, Branch 108, New Haven   MSS 71
United Church on the Green   MSS 9
United Order of True Sisters, New Haven No. 4, Jochebed Lodge MSS 21
United States Custom House, New Haven, CT and Bishop, Abraham and Samuel MSS 57C
United Way of Greater New Haven, Inc.   MSS 236
Upson Family Papers   MSS 309
Vision for a Greater New Haven, Transportation Citizen Action Group   MSS 302
W & C Dickerman & Company   MSS B06
Webster, Noah MSS 129
Weed-Botsford Family MSS B48
Welter, Ralph J. (1884-1951)   MSS 300
West End Institute   MSS 46
White Brothers   MSS 62D
White Collection   MSS 62
White, Dyer   MSS 62A
White, Henry   MSS 62C
Whiting, William Joseph   MSS 12
Whitney Armory Survey   MSS 13
Whitney Family   MSS 146
Whitneyville Congregational Church   MSS 327
Wilder Family   MSS B81
Wilford Family   MSS 67
Williams, Sophia Gardner Wells   MSS 271
Wilson Hart Clark Papers   MSS 324
Woman’s Choral Society of New Haven   MSS 53
Woman’s Seamen’s Friend Society of Connecticut   MSS 11
Women’s Collection   MSS 58
Woodward Family   MSS 295
Wooster Family   MSS 118
Yale and New Haven, Miscellany    MSS 336
Yerkes, Robert Mearns and Ada Watterson Yerkes   MSS 139
Young Women’s Christian Association   MSS B29

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