New Haven Museum presents a What Were We Thinking Films series:

FACTORY Weekly, a 10-week dive into the underground, post-industrial history of the New Haven Clock Company Factory with “FACTORY” exhibit curator Jason Bischoff-Wurstle. This series features new archival photos and documentary footage.


ep. 1 (10/21/2020) – A Brief History of the New Haven Clock Company Factory

“FACTORY” curator Jason Bischoff-Wurstle introduces the New Haven Museum exhibit, and details a brief history of the New Haven Clock Company factory from the 1850s to the 1960s.

ep. 2 (10/28/2020) – Urban Renewal, Wooster Square and the fate of the New Haven Clock Company

Urban renewal, Wooster Square and the fate of the New Haven Clock Company in the 1950s and ‘60.

ep. 3 (11/04/2020) – The “Sex Ball”

A decadent Beaux-Arts inspired Yale School of Architecture party in the 1980s that was the event of the year for architecture students across New England.

ep. 4 (11/11/2020) – PMVI- The Papier Mache Video Institute

PMVI- The Papier Mache Video Institute, New Haven’s premier DIY avant-garde artists collective that hosted the legendary “1984” exhibition, the largest Elm City underground art show in the 1980s.

ep. 5 (11/18/2020) – The Petaluers and the Hamilton St. Lofts

A completely DIY live/work artists community founded by a troupe of local mimes in the 1980s.

ep. 6 (11/25/2020) – The Brick N Wood International Café

“New Haven’s CBGB” The place to be for underground punk and R&B in the 1980s.

ep. 7 (12/02/2020) – Kurt’s 2 “A Discreet Location”

Located in the old Brick N Wood International Café, Kurt’s 2 was the largest and most elaborate LGBTQ nightclub in Connecticut in the early 1990s.

ep. 8 (12/09/2020) – Todd’s Hidden Skatepark

In the 1990s, Todd Andresen and his bandmates built a hidden loft and practice space on the old factory’s North Side. Being the only full-time resident, Todd took advantage of youth and having access to thousands of empty square feet. He built a secret half-pipe at the top of the building that attracted skaters from across the region.

ep. 9 (12/16/2020) – Behind the Scenes

Documenting New Haven’s post-industrial, underground history: An insight into shaking up the norms of historical canon with the New Haven Museum’s “FACTORY” exhibit.

ep. 10 (12/23/2020) – Gaining Perspective 

Taking a look at the outtakes and the years following 2000. The past is in flux and the future holds new possibilities for the New Haven Clock Company factory.

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